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febbraio 06, 2019 - Dynamiq

Dynamiq teams up with luxury cookware brand Ondine

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Dynamiq proudly partners with Ondine, the award-winning luxury cookware brand founded by French artist, designer and nutrition coach #marieguerlain. She worked with top craftsmen to create a range of products that define function, durability and exceptional aesthetic appeal. Crafted for beauty as well as durability and hand-assembled in Italy, each piece of Ondine cookware is designed with an instinct for elegance and a flair for timeless #design.

Ondine reflects our own ideal of marrying advanced #design, technology and materials to provide better performance,” says Bogdan Gusarev, sales and marketing manager of Dynamiq. “For example, the brand uses only the highest-grade 316ti titanium stainless steel that is non-corrosive and resistant to pitting. From the milling of the pan body to the hand-finished brass handles, the Ondine Designer Collection is the best cookware available. At Dynamiq we also use only the very best quality materials, such as 5083 aluminium and now Sealium alloy for the new GTT 135, which is why we decided to partner up with Ondine.”

“We are delighted to work with Dynamiq yachts and see lot of synergies. Our high-tech, sustainable and beautiful Ondine Platine Set is now available to Dynamiq clients via their Online Configurator.” says Marie Guerlain, CEO of Ondine.