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settembre 04, 2017 - Petestep

World-class hull innovation in Cannes on HOC Yachts 33P

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The groundbreaking hull technology from Swedish company #petestep premieres Yachting Festival de #cannes this year from September 12 to 17. Together with the innovative Swedish premium boat builder #hocyachts, the HOC #33pcruiser is unveiled for its international launch in #cannes at berth PAN 056.

- By using the #petestep hull, we give our boats a substantial boost in running comfort – especially in choppy sea. This without increasing fuel consumption and on the contrary the #hocyachts consume less fuel than the competitors, says Vilhelm Djurberg, CEO of #hocyachts.

#petestep has been deeply involved in the development of the HOC 33P-models. Along with modern construction methods and low weight, Petestep’s technology has contributed to the exceptionally soft and quiet ride of the 4 ton, 33-foot day cruiser. All while the fuel consumption in cruising speed is a modest 1,4 l/nm.
#petestep has, by using its patented innovation and evidence based research, developed a technology that can make planing boats travel around 50% softer through the sea, consume up to 25% less fuel and run significantly quieter than today's boats. 
- Petestep’s deflectors redirect the spray you normally see being thrown to the sides on planing boats, down and aft. This reduces friction, creates forward thrust and lift from the spray flow, as well as giving a motion dampening effect in a chop, says Jonas Danielsson, CEO of #petestep.
The interest for Petestep’s technology is big, and more boat models are on their way. – We have discussions with several boat builders around Europe who can see the potential in our technology, Jonas adds.
Drivers of boats with #petestep hulls, get a unique combination of comfort and low energy consumption. Instead of hard, noisy rides at sea, passengers will arrive more alert.
- Soon, journalists and HOC:s first international customers will get to test drive HOC #33pcruiser in the Mediterranean, and form their own opinion. We are looking forward to this with great confidence, Jonas finishes.