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novembre 03, 2016 - Zurn Yacht Design

Zurn Yacht Design at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016

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Zurn #yacht #design – along with MJM – is pleased to introduce his new MJM Yachts 35Z at #fortlauderdale internationalboatshow2016. #zurnyachtdesign managed to realise what other outboard brands have sought to achieve: a combination of performance and comfortable all-weather, family boating in a stunning #design having great versatility. 35z’s fuel efficiency, 50+ mph speed and 300+ mile cruising range is achieved with twin 300’s and only 250 gallons of fuel capacity where competing designs need triples and 400 gallons for the same results.

There are two explanations:

(1) MJM’s unique pre-preg epoxy composite construction for a stronger, lighter and longer lasting hull;

(2) a seakindly Zurn designed modified deep-V hull with a greater waterline length to beam ratio of 3.5:1 versus a more typical 2.7-3.0 ratio. Another welcome trait is the absence of chine-walk at speeds approaching 50 mph... proven on MJM’s earlier 29z with twin 250’s. This hull shape gains stability the faster it goes as lifting strakes and chine flats redirect wave and wake energy into effective stabilizing forces. Comfort comes from confidence in the boat. 35z will have the highest rating for stability and seaworthiness for a boat under 40ft… ISO Certified Category B “Offshore“. To go one step further, the boat is engineered tough to the Category A ‘Ocean’ Rating of MJM’s 40z and 50z. Engines, joystick docking and GPS station-keeping systems are the best ‘state of the art’ equipment available. This Eco-Smart™ #design combines the graceful beauty of a classic Downeast #yacht with a versatile modern layout… open transom, flush deck and side boarding doors. Whether family beachgoer, serious fisherman, weekend cruiser or a combination of all three, 35z is sure to be what you’ve been waiting for.

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