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ottobre 20, 2016 - Vanquish Yacht

Rethinking the water scooter:Vanquish Yachts to build fournew Vanqraft 16s

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Vanquish Yachts in the Netherlands has received four new orders for its revolutionary #vanqraft16 #waterscooter. Unlike previous aluminium versions, these new models will be built in composite and polyester, giving the yard the chance to offer a special price on any other orders received by mid-November. The #vanqraft16 is also now available in an even faster Veloce version, offering speeds of well over 50 knots.

The ever-innovative #vanquish Yachts has translated the distinct visual language seen on recent launches such as the VQ 48 into a spacious, five-metre-long fun machine. The #vanqraft16 is a crossover between a #superyacht tender and a #waterscooter, created in close cooperation with Guido de Groot #design and the naval architects at Studio Delta. While the helmsman feels the power at the steering station, there is lots of room for five other guests to enjoy the thrill of this genuinely unique craft.

Core values The #vanqraft16 has the same core characteristics that have helped the #vanquish brand rise to prominence over the past three years: excellent manoeuvrability, an exceptional degree of comfort (certainly compared to other water scooters), first-rate technology and premium quality Dutch craftsmanship.

“This vessel is the fruit of in-depth market research and discussions with potential buyers,” says Tom Steentjes, CEO of #vanquish Yachts. “As such, its radical #design follows a clear brief and this explains why there has already been such a high demand. It is easy to see that this tender is a true #vanquish, even from a distance. And like a true #vanquish, we can entirely adapt each #vanqraft16 to the tastes of the owner.”

Powering ahead The #vanqraft16 is driven by a 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion, can easily achieve 40 knots and can sail in reverse. There is also a Veloce version available capable of speeds above 50 knots thanks to the use of supercharged engines. Yamaha has sold tens of

Vanquish Yachts bv - Puttenstraat 18 - 8281 BP Genemuiden - the Netherlands - T+31(0)522700236 info@vanquish-yachts.com - www.vanquish-yachts.com - BTW NL8528.59.478.B01 - KVK 58068546 - IBAN NL 73 RABO 0138078920
thousands of these engines over the years and they are known for their unprecedented reliability and ease of maintenance. With Yamaha service points around the world, parts can be received and repairs carried out anywhere.

The #vanqraft16 is powerful enough to tow a variety of toys, including water skis, banana boats and wakeboards. But fun is just half the story. The #vanqraft16 is also exceptionally well-suited as a functional tender for superyachts. The jet drive is built flat into the hull, which makes it easy to fit into any tender garage.

Special offer on new orders To reduce production costs, the hull of the new #vanqraft16 will be made of composite and polyester. This has also shortened the production time, allowing the growing demand to be satisfied more easily. And with a mould now being made, #vanquish Yachts has a special offer for all new orders placed by 15 November. In addition to having a stunning new #vanqraft16 delivered by June 2017, owners can access this awesome piece of machinery for just €79,950 (excluding VAT), while the Veloce version retails at €94,950.

Specifications. Length overall: 5.07 m Beam max: 1.66 m Draught : 0.20 m Max speed: 40 kn Engine: 200 hp or more Passengers: 5 + Driver

Veloce version 50+ kn Engine: supercharged

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