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settembre 09, 2016 - Canados

Canados al Cannes Yachting Festival 2016

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1- Four new projects officially released during the 2016 #cannesyachtingfestival.
2- First Oceanic Yachts 76’ GT by Canados launched, build in 5 month and delivered August 1st 2016.

3- Revamping the shipyard’s infrastructures underway.
4- Strengthening of Canados Services and assistance around the Mediterranean with partnership with Tecnopool.


On the occasion of the 2016 #cannesyachtingfestival 2016, Canados organized it first press conference since the acquisition.
Michel Karsenti and the management team of Canados Yachts were glad to give an overview of the situation of the shipyard that will have reached a totally debt free position by late October 2016, offering it a unique strength within the industry. Canados future has been explained and four new projects to be launched in 2017 have been released:

Gladiator 428 by Canados
The #gladiator428 has been designed by Roman designer, Marco Casali in direct collaboration with Michel Karsenti and Gianluca Fanelli, the head of new project developments at Canados.
The task requested to Casali was particularly difficult to respect. He was asked to work on a highly technical hull in terms of architecture and the model had to incorporate:

- a modern and elegant design to immediately reach the status of modern-classic and respect the Canados values.

  • -  create a true day-boat, offering gigantic outdoor spaces and allowing for the “run-it-yourself” kind of clients, a true social layout.

  • -  respect the Canados DNA with a luxury customizable interior.

  • -  give the boat a strong Charisma to appeal to super-yacht owners for their tow-tenders or commuter boat and a level of luxury that will immediately position the model at the top of the market for family oriented clients.

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