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luglio 28, 2016 - Storm Yachts

The all new Storm X-65

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During her sea trials in and around the Dutch waters, the striking design and powerful performance of the #storm #x65 attracted a great deal of attention and admiration. The #yacht has showcased its extraordinary linear acceleration, offering the same degree of comfort at all speed ranges. Moreover, the actual speed can be adapted to reflect the current sea conditions without those on board even noticing.

The minimal swell generated when manoeuvring in the marina or sailing at high speed in open water is also highly impressive. Particularly notable is the remarkably low exhaust noise during mooring and unmooring, a fine example of the efficiency of the X-65’s innovative underwater body. The only reason people notice the #yacht pass by or dock is due to her exceptional looks.

The #x65 is propelled by two Volvo IPS D3 1050 drives, powered by Volvo D-13 diesel engines. Each drive has a standard transmission mounted on a steerable pod unit with two counter-rotating propellers. The superior efficiency of the Volvo IPS compared with traditional drive systems offers an increased cruising speed of up to 15% for the same installed power. Combined with the FDHF hull, which has a very low resistance at all speeds, the #x65 has unusually low fuel consumption for a #yacht of this weight and length.

Another reason why the #x65 is in a class of her own is the extraordinarily low noise and resonance levels throughout every part of the #yacht. The exceptional interior volume for a 65-foot #yacht makes owners and guests alike feel very much at home with both the saloon and the wheelhouse having the allure of a #superyacht.

Crucially, the arrangement of the interior layout can be adapted according to the wishes of the client. This first #x65, for instance, is equipped with a utility room under the stairs and a gym in the owners’ cabin. Owners can also select their preferred design and decorative style, with StormYachts offering a wide selection of colours, wood structures, finishes, carpets and upholstery to meet each taste. This newly launched model features a contemporary look & feel, with a light colour scheme that is entirely in line with the owner’s taste.

This #x65 Wheelhouse has a radar mast, which can be lowered hydraulically to reduce the air draught to only 4.65 metres, providing access to the European rivers and lakes. Behind the mast, the owners can relax at flybridge level on a comfortable day bed for two people. 

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