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giugno 28, 2016 - Vanquish Yacht

First Vanquish VQ48 unveiled in Saint-Tropez

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Second model about to splash in Ibiza

Vanquish Yachts in the Netherlands has delivered the first #vanquish #vq48 sports boat to its delighted owner in Saint-Tropez. Created together with Guido de Groot #design, Studio Delta and Wester Naval Architecture, the #vq48 has a look & feel which is especially appealing to car lovers. A second new #vq48 will be delivered to Ibiza next week. 

With its amazing agility, all-aluminium custom construction and the supreme comfort that comes from a Dutch-built boat, the #vq48 showcases all the finest aspects of the #vanquish drivers’ boat concept.

The initial ideas were introduced to #vanquish owners looking for a blend of the best features of the VQ43 and the VQ50. Examples include a smaller foredeck version of the VQ50’s dinette and the popular sun beds found on the VQ43. Other #design highlights are the two specially developed helm seats, a large lounge sofa and an ingenious convertible top which dispenses with the traditional tubes and braces normally seen on biminis. The amount of plastic on board has been kept to a minimum, most components being hand-made in aluminium.

Optimal customisability

VQ48 owners can make optimal use of the enormous flexibility offered by #vanquishyachts, allowing each and every client to create something in aluminium that truly suits their particular idea of boating pleasure. From day one, space – for socialising and parties in particular – has been central to the #design of the #vq48 and there are 19 seating places as standard. This will make this particular #vq48 a practical and muchloved charter boat.

A good example of customisation has come with the second #vq48. This has been built for clients who already own a VQ43 and they have designed their interior so that day guests can have access to the head and galley without intruding on the master cabin. When privacy is not a concern, the cabin door can be left open to create an even more open feel. At the same time, the rain shower has been integrated into the ceiling so as to provide optimal headroom in the master, which can sleep up to three people. 

Highest standards

The underwater segment and engine of the #vq48 were designed to comply with the highest contemporary yachting standards. As with all other #vanquish models, the #vq48 will set itself apart from other boats in its niche market through its low weight, leading to exceptional manoeuvrability, super-fast acceleration, low fuel consumption and an impressive top speed of well over 40 knots.

It is also available in a #vq48 Veloce version, with an even more impressive top speed exceeding 50 knots. Another example of innovations that are uncommon on similar boats is the submarine folding anchor system found on the #vq48. An electric anchor has been designed to fit within the lines of the underwater hull so that no chain or winch is visible when at anchor.

Fun in the sun

The #vq48 is exceptionally well suited for day trips with many guests. It provides a great deal of freedom of movement on board, and the specially developed parasol provides ingenious protection against the sun. Moreover, there is plenty of space for toys under the settees.

Like on all #vanquish vessels, the high-end audio installation has been custom created together with Brian's Custom Audio, a Dutch company famous for its work on the latest Ferrari models.

Members of the press and potential clients are welcome to experience the power of the #vq48 on a test drive by contacting #vanquishyachts on +31 522 700 236.


- Length: 14.6 m

- Beam: 4.5 m

- Draught: 0.85 m

- Speed: 40+ knots (or 50+ in Veloce version)

- Weight: 14 tonnes

- Engines: 2x 600 hp or 2x 715 hp (or in Veloce version)

- Propulsion: pod drives

- Standard features:

- Skyhook position control

- Autopilot

- Glass bridge display

- Joystick for easy manoeuvring

- Air conditioning

- Generator

- Submarine folding anchor system

- Custom-made sound system

- Bimini

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