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marzo 23, 2016 - Perini Navi

Perini Navi SY 70m out of the shed

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Sybaris, the new 70m #perininavi ketch presently under construction, features new styling with powerful and dynamic lines. The project has been designed in house by #perininavi Technical and #design office with naval architecture consultation and sail plan optimisation from Philippe Briand assuring her sailing prowess. Hull and superstructure are in aluminium; the rig is carbon-fibre with 2 Rondal masts of 72 and 62 m height, hosting a total sail plan of more than 3000 sqm. The displacement is optimised at 927 tones and the gross registered tonnage is 870 grt, making Sybaris the second largest #perininavi sailing vessel ever built. The centerboard keel has variable draft that goes from 4.54 to 11.74 m. The 2 carbon-fiber Cockwells tenders are 7m long - one of which is a limo tender – and recessed below deck forward along with the 4,5m rescue tender. Sybaris has many new features that position her a step ahead in the #design and engineering of large sailing yachts, among which the latest innovations on the sail handling system and the new electrical generation system. Both are aspects developed with the specific aim of improving the overall operational efficiency and performance under sail. Rigging and Sail Handling System Sybaris is equipped with carbon fibre spars and Carbo-Link rigging provided by Rondal. She will feature a comprehensive Rig Load Monitoring System that through a series of strain gauges constantly detects the loads acting on the rig components. The North Sail 3DL wardrobe includes: reacher 1070m2, jib 635m2, main 770m2, mizzen 570m2.

For Sail Handling Control, the impressive Sailing system features the newest generation of #perininavi captive winches and furlers. Electric variable speed motors and furlers, duly synchronised and monitored by the #perininavi Automated Sail Handling System, dramatically improve furling and deploy times while speeding the tacking and jibing. The reacher/blade winches pull a maximum load of 35 tonnes and have a maximum line speed of 75 metre per minute. The reacher/blade furlers have a line speed of 75 m/min. Variable Speed and DC Bus Electrical Generation System A first aboard a #perininavi Sailing #yacht, 2 Variable Speed Generators supply electrical power via a DC Bus to the vessel’s main electrical grid with the potential to store excess power in Class-Approved lithium polymer batteries. The exceptional advantage of Silent Running modes together with Peak and Trough Shaving during generator operations allow for unparalleled efficiency as well as reduced emissions. The Class-Approved lithium polymer batteries located in the vessel bilges – in an easily accessible location for maintenance and replacement – provide a total power of 136 kW/h with a recharge time of less than 1 hour. Furthermore power distribution via a DC Bus allows for renewable energy sources or increased battery capacity to be added as additional generating capacity at a later date. System advantages includes: 

No energy waste

Lower fuel consumptions and lower CO 2 emissions (-25%)

Higher system quality Lower maintenance

Lower weight Easier delivery of high quality and clean DC electrical power (Elimination of AC filters)

Compact permanent magnet generator-ends allow for higher efficiency and longer life cycle.

As a further development of the electrical distribution system, #perininavi engineers have worked hard at rationalizing the system architecture to reduce the lengths of wiring runs. With some 100+ km of cable laid in a typical vessel of this size, this efficiency is of great importance. Noise and Vibration Reduction: #perininavi has continuously developed its machinery and accommodation installation techniques to minimize noise and vibration levels. One of the most significant contributions to the exemplary results is achieved by the adoption of double mounted engine-gearbox sets . Each engine-gearbox set is elastically mounted to a high mass vibration damping cradle which is then elastically mounted to the hull structure as a whole set. The results as recorded onboard the first 60m ketch Seahawk, include an average of 45dB noise level in the Owner suite when running at 12 knots. Accommodations The amazing main deck of Sybaris features a vast 30m long guest area (from the aft cockpit to the wheelhouse), with a 4m wide sliding door allowing easy communication from the spacious cockpit to the main saloon.

The panoramic view from the majestic main saloon it is not interrupted by any structural pillar and the newly designed windows allow uninterrupted views of the sea, and prodigious quantities of natural light onboard. The 18m long flying bridge provides unmatched outdoor area for guests and friends to relax, entertain or sunbath. The interiors are by PH #design, US based designers who were hand picked by the Owner to #design and execute Sybaris’ outstanding interior. Each piece of furniture is custom-designed and the overall concept epitomises the luxurious contemporary allure of Sybaris. The designers’ use of extremely high quality materials including titanium both structurally and artistically, concurs to create the unique style of this yach

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