july 16, 2021 - Jeanneau

PRESS RELEASE: JEANNEAU launches the Jeanneau Yachts 65 and Sun Odyssey 380 for 2022

In a disrupted global market context, the excitement inspired by marine activities is very promising. The desire to get away, and the need to be around friends and family, have seen a revived passion for sailing, cruising, and day sailing. Because of this impulse, that of following aspirations, #jeanneau is winning over new sailors. With the birth of a flagship for #jeanneau Yachts, and that of a much-anticipated model in the iconic Sun Odyssey line, #jeanneau demonstrates its expertise and savoir-faire in facing market trends.

After the launch of the #jeanneau Yachts 60 last summer, the world of #jeanneau Yachts now welcomes the new #jeanneau Yachts 65.

The exterior and interior layouts of this iconic range are enhanced by the latest in high-performance technology and the finest materials.

Jeanneau Yachts offer unprecedented comfort on board for owners pursuing their passion for the sea.

Each detail must meet the #jeanneau Yachts standard for #excellence.

The synergy between innovation and performance has made the Sun Odyssey line an incontestable success for years. The announcement of a new model, then, brings the promise of rediscovering the joys of cruising and escaping the everyday. The new Sun Odyssey 380 is born of the desire to offer sailors a unique experience and comfort on board in a model delivering even greater performance. In perfect accord with the spirit of Sun Odyssey, this sailboat integrates the best innovations of the line with a contemporary, harmonious style.

The flagship of #jeanneau Yachts is designed for those who truly love the sea, who wish to further expand their horizons, cultivating style, comfort, and space. Offering fine materials and a wide selection of options for personalisation on the interior as well as on deck, the #jeanneau Yachts 65 remains faithful to the #jeanneau spirit. Designed as seaworthy boats, offering exhilarating sensations, they are at once powerful and safe, featuring great autonomy for longer cruises and for meandering from anchorage to anchorage in exceptional comfort.
Where refinement and sensuality are integral parts in a wellbalanced, high-performance hull…

Further information in the press release to download

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