march 16, 2020 - Team Italia

TEAM Italia - BIT Bulletin

TEAM Italia, following and in compliance with the Ministerial provisions, constantly monitors the evolution of the situation generated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), with particular attention to guaranteeing the health and safety of our colleagues, partners and suppliers. 

Our staff, from all working offices, was already prepared for some time to ensure office activities through smart working, which the company, given the current situation, has therefore decided to activate.

In the same way, the investments made over the years in our technological infrastructure ensure that today we can manage remote technical support, reducing the interruption of the regular support service for our customers. 

In fact, where requested, the I-Bridge® systems were equipped with the diagnostic system developed by #teamitalia for remote technical support for troubleshooting and maintenance needs. 

In this way, the installed on-board systems can be constantly monitored, supported and updated.