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july 13, 2018 - Dragonfly

Fall 2017 till Summer 2018, the next generation Quorning, Stine Quorning and her boyfriend, Peter Lang, invested in and restored an old Dragonfly 800, hull No 162 from 1990. This is Stine Quorning's story

In September 2017 my boyfriend, Peter, and I decided to buy an old #dragonfly 800, Tribelle, hull No 162 from 1990. Having grown up surrounded by Dragonflys through my entire childhood, there has always been something romantic about the #dragonfly 800.

I have heard stories about my uncle sailing Round Britain in 1985, about #paulelvstroms #dragonfly 800, and in addition, the #dragonfly 800 is the first boat I have ever sailed. My parents took me out sailing in a #dragonfly 800 when I was only two weeks old.

Peter, a former Olympic sailor, had seen lots of different photos and videos on the internet, and out and about, of old #dragonfly 800s, which had been renovated and gotten a taller rig. He found that, with a few modifications, it had lots of potential, given its light and simple construction. We knew the potential and thus, a #dragonfly 800 seemed to be the perfect boat for us; the perfect mix of nostalgia and racing.

During winter and spring, we have given the boat a complete make-over. It has been this mix of nostalgia and racing, which has guided us throughout the whole project. We wanted to have an up-to-date racing boat, while at the same time keeping the spirit of the #dragonfly 800 with the retro look and cosy interior.

As we started disassembling the boat in October 2017, we quickly realized that it was marked by wear and tear. Given that the boat was from 1990 and had had a lot of different owners, it had a lot of different mountings, and when we had taken them all off, we suddenly found plenty of minor repairs, which we had not expected.  In total, this was quite some repairs, and Jens estimated that it would take too much time to make all these repairs. Hence, we decided that we would paint the boat anew instead.

In November 2017, we started sanding the boat, and we quickly found ourselves sanding weekend after weekend and well into Christmas.

Further information in the press release to download