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july 12, 2018 - Scania

Cutting costs on swiss waters with Scania’s diesel hybrid

SGV Group’s new vessel, the MS Diamond, has recently begun navigating Lake Lucerne under hybrid power aided by a powertrain that’s based on a #scania 13-litre six-cylinder diesel engine.

It’s a sunny March morning on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Michel Scheurer, production director of Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Vierwaldstättersee AG (SGV), carefully steers the latest addition to the company fleet from the shipyard out into the lake. It’s just a matter of weeks before the company’s new ship, the MS Diamond, is due to be put into service. But anticipation is already visible on Scheurer’s face. “We are going to be navigating with hybrid power for the first time on Lake Lucerne,” Scheurer says. “We see this technology as the way forward for the future.”