september 08, 2017 - Baglietto

Baglietto is protagonist at the Cannes, Genoa and Monaco yacht show in collaboration with a few iconic brand representing the Made in Italy worldwide: Sartoria Latorre, Bagutta, Acqua dell’Elba, Campari, Marchesi Antinori

Historical #baglietto shipyard based in La Spezia, part of the Gavio Group, will be protagonist at the international boat shows with major partners sharing the same values of passion, #excellence and Italian style. At the next #cannesyachtingfestival important partnerships with most relevant Italian brands will be announced, from haute couture to #yacht decoration, from spirits to the famous wine tradition. #baglietto has chosen Sartoria Latorre, since 1965 one of the bespoke Italian tailoring worldwide, to design the #baglietto style; as the perfect fit and made-to-measure elegance of the Sartoria Latorre garments are the same that have always differentiate the #baglietto yachts. The combination with the shirts by #bagutta, since 1975 synonymous with shirts bearing the sartorial tradition and the Made in Italy label, is perfect. Speaking about Italian #excellence, #acquadellelba is the perfect example of best Made in Italy craftsmanship. #acquadellelba will provide the #baglietto yachts with its new yachting line including courtesy pack, #yacht accessories, beach towels and bath accessories. From haute couture to the good drinking: the Apulian “Calafuria” rosé wine from the Marchesi Antinori’s Torremaresca winery and the #campari cocktails will be the protagonist of the glamorous evenings organized by #baglietto on the French Riviera.