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june 29, 2017 - Yamaha Marine

More Drive-by-Wire models hit the water. Yamaha announce DBW control for new F150 and F175

Smooth-shifting #yamaha Drive-by-Wire models now available all the way from 150hp up to 350hp 

When you have pioneered the development and production of the most advanced outboard engines in the world - and you offer your customers the widest and most ideal model line-up, with clean, smooth, economical 4-stroke outboard power to suit every possible application, what's the next step? Even more digital precision. 

At #yamaha, we've been continuously bench testing, sea trialling and - as we've grown more and more confident and excited about the reliability of the latest technology - introducing the formidable precision and power of DBW (Drive-by-Wire) control to enthusiastic customers around the world. 

This programme has already been so successful on on our largest, most powerful models that the #f150 and #f175, two of the best-selling, highly regarded engines in Yamaha's history are now also available with the benefit of the very latest DBW technology. 

The impressive story of how DBW will bring a new level of enjoyment to owners of these engines starts with a new level of quiet, precise shifting and a quite remarkable added sophistication and ease of use, in terms of boat control and operation. But it doesn't end there. Full compatibility with Yamaha's unique Digital Network System brings with it the availability of an impressive array of other control functions and options, including not only a wide range of clear, easy-to-read digital gauges (6Y8/6YC/6Y9 and the new CL7, with its 7" colour screen) but also the exclusive Y-COP immobilizer security system. After all, peace of mind is a benefit every owner appreciates. 

Yet another attractive advantage of the Digital Network System is the availability of VTS (Variable Trolling Speed). This helpful system not only provides a lower than normal idle speed, but also means the boat's speed can be controlled in simple-to-set 50 rpm steps from 650 to 900 - ideal for fishing, for example - or keeping confidently within the speed limit in waterways or marinas. 

And there's more. Convenience and ease of rigging are significant advantages of the digital system and the new models also feature a powerful 50A alternator to deliver plenty of power in reserve, to satisfy the demands of today's on-board electronics. 

The exciting new F150G and F175C join the ever-popular mechanical-control F150D and F175A, so together with the #yamaha F115 and F200 models, they proudly complete the most comprehensive family of in-line 4-cylinder outboards on the market today. 
Yamaha. Ultimate reliability. Ultimate all-round performance. Made for water.

The #f150 and #f175 DBW models will be available at #yamaha dealers starting end of June 2017. Please contact your national #yamaha press officer for more detailed information and the local retail price. 

Summary of Specifications - #yamaha F150/F175:

Model name/s: 
F150G • F175C

Engine type 4-stroke: 
4-cyls in-line • 16 valves • DOHC


Prop shaft output (F150): 
110.3 kW (150 ps) at 5500rpm

Prop shaft output (F175): 
128.7 kW (175 ps) at 5500rpm

Full throttle rpm range: 
5000 - 6000 rpm

Gear ratio (F150): 
2.00 (28/14) 

Gear ratio (F175): 
1.86 (26/14)

Fuel induction system: 
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Ignition system: 
TCI Microcomputer

Lubrication system: 
Wet sump

Oil pan capacity (litres): 

Exhaust system: 
Through propeller hub 

Cooling system: 
Raw water (thermostatically controlled) 

12V - 50A with rectifier/regulator

Starting system: 
Electric with Prime Start™ 


Tilt system: 
Power Trim & Tilt 

Shallow Water Drive: 
Standard - variable

Recommended boat transom height: 
L: 516mm • X: 643mm

Dry weight with propeller (kg): 
226 (L) • 227 (X)

Propeller rotation: 
Clockwise (L) (X) • counter (X) 

Models available: 

Advanced filter