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dicembre 30, 2016 - Red Bull

On board with GoPro in 2016

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Get up close and personal with the best GoPro clips of the past year.

In 2016, you were able to get on board with some of the world’s leading #extreme sports stars to get an insight into the perilous scrapes in which they find themselves immersed.

From a 360 on a mountain bike at Red Bull Rampage to skydiving way above the clouds and mountain tops, from pilot planes through a narrow plane hanger at top speed to some more light-hearted escapades, it was all laid bare through their respective GoPros.

We pick out some of the best from 2016…

A head for heights

Ever wondered what it’s like to jump out of a plane at 10,000 metres way above the clouds and snow-covered mountain tops?

Ok, probably not but Frederic Fugen and Vincent Reffett did so as a precursor to their airborne acrobatic show together before opening their shoots and, with smoke billowing from the back, ensuring a captivating show across the skies.

And this one might have been a bit closer to the ground but the heights from which the cliff divers throw themselves look high enough, even more so when you climb step by step with them up Tour Saint Nicolas in La Rochelle before plunging into the water below.

Making a splash

Red Bull Cape Fear is deemed by many to be one of the more dangerous surfing competitions as it pits rivals against each other in Australian waters.

Competitors in June gave a close-up view of what it entailed to water ski through the breaks and then be enveloped by huge mountains of water on their boards.

Joel Kowalski’s trip to Mexico, meanwhile, was more rapid, white water rapid as he at times flew head first into gushing torrents of water and under the surface with a virtual washing machine effect.

Two wheelers

Some of the best GoPro clips of 2016 came from the mountain biking fraternity but picking a shortlist of them let alone a favourite is no mean feat.

Gee Atherton’s fox hunt chase of fellow mountain bikers all adorned in red takes some beating, likewise the myriad of up-close insights from Claudio Caluori, a larger than life character whose upbeat charm you can’t help but get caught up in perhaps most notably ahead of the MTB World Cup in Lenzerheide.

Most of the stunts came off, such as Kurt Sorge’s vast jumps at Mammoth Wing but not all did such as Tom van Steenbergen, the self-shot clip of his front flip at Red Bull Rampage ending to big cheers in the dirt with a spectator asking if he’s ok and van Steenbergen replying that he’s not sure.

Four wheelers

But the four wheelers showed in the past year that they too can have fun with a GoPro in hand. Max Verstappen was a case in point at the beginning of the year as the Red Bull Racing driver - then at Scuderia Toro Rosso - swapped his Formula 1 machinery for the sort of go kart he initially made a name for himself.

And Carlos Sainz Jr, his former Scuderia Toro Rosso teammate, gave you an idea of what it’s like to climb on board an F1 at Circuito Lima from the speed to the noise of the machinery in question.

Speed merchants

Speed is of the essence for many of the GoPro clip makers.

In the height of summer, there was the opportunity to get on board with the long board racers as one of them tackled 18 hairpins at speeds of up to 85kph with a selfie stick in hand.

And not to mention British pilots Paul Bondhomme and Steve Jones not showing even a flutter of concern as their aircraft nearly shaved the runway as they arced through the narrowest of gaps in and out of an airport hanger.

And finally, the more light hearted

GoPro clips don’t always have to be serious, there were those in the past year that were rather more tongue in cheek.

One that springs to mind is two of the finest two-wheel exponents: Spaniards Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Prado swapping some serious horsepower for the weird and wacky nature of Flying Bulls Soapbox, the pair embracing the format in the very best way.

Or what of the GoPro insights of a handful of teams as they prepared to take their homemade creations from land, through the air and onto water at the Louisville Flugtag with, it has to be said mixed results?

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